Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a Whole New Ball Game!

The networking industry is experiencing tremendous change as we speak.  Cloud, Convergence, Merchant Silicon, Server Virtualization, IT as a Service, and Software Defined Network are all contributing to the macro environment change in the network industry.

Just a couple of years ago, I could hardly run into any networking admins dying for a disruptive technology in their backyard, but things are the opposite right now. They may not have fully grasped the implications of the private cloud just yet but network admins across the board are basically asking two questions these days:

1) Who can give me a solution so that I'm no longer constantly on the hot seat with ever increasing network add/change/remove requirements without a budget increase?

2) Who can give me a product to make me look like a champion just like VMware did to server admins 6-7 years ago?

The VMware networking team has innovated on the server side of the fence for much of last decade but nothing sexy happened on the physical networking side of the fence.   It's a whole new ball game now because the perfect storm of macro changes arrived.  As a passionate networking system guy, I simply cannot resist joining the new exciting game!

My decision to join Big Switch Networks was a no-brainer after realizing that it is the unique company that 1) understands the game; 2) has a sound ecosystem strategy to play the game; and 3) has an amazingly talented bench to win the game.

I'm game!

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