Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Software Defined Job Move

News always travels fast on SDNCentral and  I started at Cisco this week and will manage all of Cisco's Cloud Networking and Services Group engineering team and execution.

I'm tremendously excited about this new journey for two reasons:
  1. Network virtualization is getting mainstream and Cisco is one of the key players in this transition.  I see Cisco offer some unique technical domain expertise, deep physical and virtual integration, broad product portfolios and ecosystem partnership, and solid presence with the customer.  
  2. I'm joining a team that I have collaborated closely from my VMware tenure and I've known a lot of folks here well, from engineers to executives.  I have a lot of confidence in what this team can accomplish and I also anticipate to learn a lot out of this journey.

Thanks to an extremely talented team at Big Switch Networks where I spent two years and learned a great deal from each person there.  Thanks to good wishes sent from former co-workers at BSN and VMware and other industry friends.   Networking industry is at an interesting time and our passion in bettering it is absolutely worthwhile.

I'm looking forward to contributing my energy and experiences at Cisco, learning new things everyday, and collaborating with folks both inside and outside Cisco on this worthy cause.

PS: Opinions on this blog does NOT represent my current (or former) employer.