Saturday, September 20, 2008

exciting networking product annoucement @ VMworld 2008

VMworld 2008 is finally over. It is a coming out party for a number of products I managed at VMware, very exciting!!

. vNetwork Distributed Switch -- we launched a new type of Virtual Switch and a new vNetwork platform at the show.

. Nexus 1000V -- this is a joint project we have worked with Cisco for the last 2 years. Cisco is embedding their latest data center switching OS into ESX hypervisor. Who says hypervisor is commoditized? Hey this beast won the "Best New Technology" at VMworld!

. VMsafe-Net (aka. vNetwork Appliance API) -- my team spearheaded VMsafe-Net vision and a number of 3rd party networking security vendors (CheckPoint, IBM/ISS, etc.) demonstrated their prototypes.

. VMDirectPath -- we previewed VMDirectPath technology in keynote speech and a few break-out sessions. We demonstrated 10G line rate to VMs precisely one year ago without "pathpassthrough" so please do not take our message on VMDirectPath the wrong way. :).