Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anniversary Reflection Chap 2: "Cloud First" Transformation

First off, Cisco's President Rob Lloyd announced today a number of Intercloud related news that my team has been working on last year:
  • Rob announced more than 30 new partners have been added for Cisco's InterCloud platform. The new partners include BT, Deutsche Telekom, NTT, and Equinix, and collectively bring 250 data centers in 50 countries.
  • Rob also announced the General Availability of Intercloud Fabric, a game-changing technology that enables seamless, secure workload mobility between public and private clouds—the foundation for hybrid cloud management. 

Secondly, some more colors about my own Intercloud Fabric engineering journey at Cisco.
  • To the external audience, the both simple and complex problem my team is solving:
    • On one hand, CIOs are unequivocally saying "I want cloud", but on the other hand CSOs are telling CIOs "slow down".
    • Intercloud Fabric is giving the peace of mind, visibility, control, and compliance back to the CSOs/CIOs, so that their journey towards a Hybrid Cloud can truly be accelerated.  A CTO from one of the top Fortune 500 (cannot say the name but it is synonymous to the copy machine) told us, "I can now migrate my data center in 6 months instead of 2 years."
  • To the internal audience, the very transformation my team is going through:
    • Just like a few other very successful hi-tech companies are going through, we would not have gone to where we are today and will not reach where we want to get to next few years without transforming our own engineering team.  
    • It is a challenging but very rewarding exercise.  The priorities and skillset requirements for the engineering tasks are morphing, the user experience expectation is changing very quickly, the R&D model needs to be a lot more "agile", and ultimately a "Cloud First" model.
Lastly, it is a humbling experience to see a semi-skunkworks project grow into the top initiative within Cisco and the entire industry.   This is precisely why I'm so passionate and proud of my team -- they are truly delivering something amazing that is making a profound impact to the entire cloud ecosystem.

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